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Manufacturing Division - Has been sold to BTMX                                                 Click here for Manufacturing Products

Barnhart-Taylor, Inc. is in it's 24th year of operation as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Air-Washers (Evaporative Coolers) and Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers and related equipment.
Since 1991 Barnhart-Taylor, Inc. in conjunction with Interclimas in Cd. Juarez, Mexico, have been manufacturing high quality units for distribution in the United States, Mexico and abroad. Many Air Handling Units and Evaporative Coolers have been operating continuosly for 16 to 20 years, exceeding the life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.
However an opportunity was presented to the owners of BTI to sell the business to one of the largest mechanical contractors in Latin America.  This was accomplished during the last three months of 2017 and now the manufacturing division only has been sold and the new company is Barnhart-Taylor MX.  Intercell air to air heat eschangers are still property of BTI and will be manufactured by BTMX, which will continue the same tradition of fabricating quality products at competetive prices.  Juan Villalobos Sr will assist the new company.  Please bare with us while we make this transition.